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Fort Lauderdale Charters

Fort Lauderdale fishing is some of the most productive and thrilling on the entire globe. Part of that is due to our warm climate, and part of it is due to our location in relation to the Gulf Stream. The pelagic super highway is just off the coast, bringing big gamefish close and accessible.

Professional anglers love fishing in Fort Lauderdale, in hopes of topping world records or landing a trophy. Even the novice anglers like these fishing grounds, too, because they know they’ll have numerous chances at desirable fish. Fishing in Fort Lauderdale is for every level of fishing enthusiast, and our captain and crew will be there to offer assistance and advice at every step.

Spending a few hours or a full day on one of our Florida fishing charters is an enjoyable experience, and even those who don’t like fishing will enjoy being out on the beautiful water and feeling the ocean breezes. Booking one of our Fort Lauderdale charters is a great way to enhance your trip to the southeastern coast of the Sunshine State.

Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Fishing Fun And Excitement

One thing that makes our Fort Lauderdale Sportfishing charters unique is our hands-on philosophy. With most charter boats, customers aren’t active participants in the entire fishing process. Instead, the mate does all the prep work, and all you get to do is crank the reel. We’re different. We allow and encourage our anglers to be as involved as they want to be.

Of course, you might prefer to sit back and have all the fun while the first mate or crew does all the hard work. If that’s the case, we’re fine with it. If, on the other hand, you want to be more involved, we’re happy to accommodate that, too. We pride ourselves on providing more of a customized Florida fishing experience that will meet your expectations.

For Family And KidsMoms and Dads you can rest assured that this charter boat is 100% kid friendly and presents a clean atmosphere including language that you can feel comfortable bringing your young anglers too. Captain Ryan has little ones himself and nothing gives him more pleasure than to see the kids experience the excitement that comes with catching their first fish.

A Speedy Fort Lauderdale Charter Boat, The Conched Out

Ft Lauderdale Charter Fishing

Our vessel is a center console Sea Hunter. The Conched Out is complete with superior safety equipment, and we take your safety seriously. In fact, with us, safety always comes first. Three 300-horsepower Mercury engines power the boat, getting you to deep water fishing grounds in record time.

The 35-foot long boat also provides ample fishing space, with a full 360 maneuverability for anglers. There’s plenty of room for you, your gear, and for the fish you land. And don’t worry about running out of bait – our live bait well holds 300 gallons. It will be full and ready to go when you are. The T-top provides welcome shade, too.

Conched Out is always ready for the next saltwater fishing tournament and to take your group out for some amazing Fort Lauderdale fishing. You’d be hard pressed to find a boat that’s more adapted, faster, and more comfortable for Florida fishing.

Sport Fishing Species Available

Anglers taking part in Fort Lauderdale Sportfishing will find a huge playing field for their sport, with a wide range of scaled players. Our unique climate means that desirable species are available all year – there’s just about always something biting. Of course, some fish species are more season-related than others. Below is a list of some of our most popular fishing targets:

  • Sailfish Charters - Sailfish might be landed any time with Fort Lauderdale charters, but your best chance for landing one of these stately fish is in late winter.
  • Swordfish Charters - If you’re after a swordfish, look no further. The swords are available for most of the calendar, and we target them on both daytime and nighttime charters.
  • King Mackerel - Also called kings or kingfish, king mackerel are available pretty much all year. The season peaks during the summer months.
  • Grouper – grouper is one of the tastiest fish in the ocean. They’re bottom-dwellers, so we usually catch them on reefs and in wrecks while Fort Lauderdale deep sea fishing.
  • Tuna – there are several species of tuna, but the main one we focus on is the blackfin.
  • Shark Fishing – Fort Lauderdale fishing is extremely popular with shark hunters. Numerous species of these toothy opponents can be found in our waters.
  • Wahoo - the wahoo is the fishy version of a rocket. In fact, these streamlined fish are designed for speed, making them just about the fastest species in the entire sea. Once a wahoo is hooked, it’ll make amazing runs!
  • Dolphin – also known as mahi-mahi, dolphin are beautiful fish. Their iridescent bodies include dazzling hues like bright green, gold, and blue.

There are more desirable fish species in our local waters, too. We encourage responsible fishing, so unless your catch is destined for the grill, the frying pan, or the oven, we recommend that you practice catch-and-release. Some fish species, like sailfish, are almost always safely released to live to fight another day with another angler.

Ft Lauderdale Fishing Captain

Conched Out Fishing Captain, Ryan McBride

The Conched Out is captained by Ryan McBride, an experienced Fort Lauderdale fishing Captain. Captain Ryan has been a serious angler since his childhood days, and he knows the Fort Lauderdale fishing waters like the back of his hand. The ocean is a huge and potentially dangerous place, so it’s important that you have a knowledgeable skipper in charge, along with an adept crew to help. Obviously, you’ll also want a guide who knows how to find fish and get them hooked. Our captain and crew are experts in this regard!

Captain Ryan and his team members work together as a team, with a single goal in mind: providing the best and safest Florida fishing adventure possible for their customers. Whether you’re fishing close to shore, over and around reefs and wrecks, or in the famous Gulf Stream fishing grounds, you can rest assured that your fishing charter aboard the Conched Out will be one that you relive time and time again in your vault of fond memories.

Come join us for a chance to land a trophy fish like a sailfish, swordfish, or tuna, or to put dinner on the table with a tasty dolphin, grouper, or snapper. Fort Lauderdale fishing adventures are wide open, so give us a call today!

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